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Cynthia Bell, Numeracy Specialist & P.D. Events Coordinator at the Literacy Assistance Center in New York

Cynthia Bell is a Numeracy Specialist at the Literacy Assistance Center in New York. She develops curriculum and specializes in the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) for mathematics. Cynthia conducts numeracy workshops for Adult Basic Education instructors and trainings in implementing the CCSS for mathematics for High School Equivalency (HSE) instructors. When she’s not training she is coaching instructors in the best practices of teaching and learning mathematics. She has presented at national, state and regional conferences, and is an active board member of ANN (Adult Numeracy Network) and the NCTM (National Council of Teachers of Mathematics).

Libby Serkies, Faculty Assistant & Resource Specialist at Western Illinois University

Libby Serkies, MA Ed, is a former high school math and science teacher, and has nearly three decades of adult training and teaching experience. Libby began her current adult education career as the director of an adult education program in Normal, IL. Her passion, however, made it very clear she would rather be working with teachers in a much different capacity, so she left the administrator’s role behind her, and in 2011, began providing state-level professional development services for adult education teachers and programs in Illinois. Libby is a sought after speaker at regional, state, and national conferences, and her workshops are aimed at teaching from a perspective of “why before how,” and leading students to communicating about and discovering math.