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Elizabeth (Liz) Andress

Adult Career Pathways Consultant

As the ATLAS Adult Career Pathways Consultant, Elizabeth (Liz) Andress is overseeing two related projects:

  • creation of an Adult Career Pathways curriculum resource library on the ATLAS website (to launch Fall 2016); and
  • design of professional development for managers and instructors as they create their own Adult Career Pathways courses, programs and partnerships (to begin Fall 2017)

Liz has been an adult basic education (ABE) professional for over 15 years.  She holds a M.A. in Education.  Most recently she taught in St. Paul Public Schools ABE program.  At the state level, she helped shape the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) and has incorporated TIF skills in her instruction at all levels.  Liz led an ACES PLC as well.  She has written curriculum for and taught a variety of occupational and career-related courses, including a bridge course and integrated instruction in a FastTrac early childhood education program.  She was the curriculum writer and on-site coordinator for an award-winning workplace ESL project in medical manufacturing.  Liz has presented numerous workshops on a wide variety of topics at local, regional, state and national conferences.

Andrea Echelberger

ATLAS Consultant

Andrea Echelberger, who recently earned her MAESL from Hamline University, has been working and teaching in the St. Paul ESL community for over 10 years. She has developed and implemented curriculum for literacy to high-intermediate level classes, as well as two separate EL Civics grants. Andrea works for Minnesota Literacy Council as the ESL Training Coordinator. Beginning literacy level learners are her favorite group to work with, and her primary areas of interest are in reading instruction, pronunciation, and phonics. She was awarded the Adult Basic Education Teacher of the Year in 2011 by the Literacy Action Network. The two projects that she is the most proud of are the Karen to English CD and Booklet, designed for new refugees from Burma, and the Arlington Hills Community Garden.

Andrea has presented at various conferences throughout the metro region, including the annual Language & Literacy Institute, other ATLAS events, and the 2011 LESLLA conference. In addition to being a frequent presenter at ATLAS trainings, Andrea has served several professional development planning committees, is a member of the statewide ABE Professional Development Committee, and is a facilitator for our Low-Literacy Adult ESL Study Circles and Pronunciation Study Circle.

Stephanie Sommers

ACES Coordinator

Stephanie Sommers is the ACES (Academic, Career and Employability Skills) Coordinator. She has been involved with the ACES initiative project since it began in 2011. She was a part of the team that worked to develop the TIF (Transitions Integration Framework), and she has presented extensively on using the TIF to teach transitions skills. Stephanie was one of the original facilitators for both face-to-face and hybrid PLCs for teachers around the state learning about ACES. She also co-developed two of the TIF-Lens series webinars: Developing a Future Pathway and Navigating Systems.

Stephanie earned her M.Ed in Adult Education from the University of MN. For the past 11 years, she has been a teacher with the Minneapolis Adult Education program. She has taught various levels of ELL and GED classes, as well as Citizenship and Career Pathways.

Rebecca Strom

MNI Cohort Lead

Rebecca Strom holds teaching licenses in Mathematics in both Secondary Education and Middle School levels, graduating from MN State University, Mankato in 1994. She started tutoring math in 1990, and since graduating from MSU, has taught and/or tutored varying levels of math ranging from junior high through college level at Bethany Lutheran College.

Rebecca began teaching math part-time through Mankato Area's ABE in 2007.  She teaches GED/Diploma/College-prep math both in the classroom and as an online computer lab course.

Rebecca has been involved in MNI (MN Numeracy Initiative) since 2010, and joined on as an Advisory Team member in 2011.  She has had the opportunity to share what she has learned through MNI by presenting at several regional conferences, Summer Institute, and the national COABE (Commission on Adult Basic Education) conference.  As MNI Cohort Lead, she is responsible for coordinating the MNI cohort experience and serving as point person for cohort participants.

Amy Vickers

MNI Senior Consultant

Amy Vickers is the MNI (MN Numeracy Initiative) Senior Consultant. Amy earned her M.Ed. in Adult Education from the University of Minnesota. She has served as an MNI Advisory Team member since 2011 and was also the MN 2014 GED® PD Coordinator for 2 years. She taught with Minneapolis Adult Education for 8 years, teaching all GED subjects including all levels of math. As MNI Senior Consultant, she provides leadership and coordination for the MN Math Institute and E-quip webinar series, and is taking the lead in embedding CCRS (College and Career Readiness Standards) into the MNI first-year cohort experience. She also continutes to serve on the MNI Advisory Team.