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Are you having trouble submitting a registration or other form?

Sometimes, for unknown reasons, people's systems glitch when they try to fill out an ATLAS online form – and unfortunately it's not on our end, so we can't fix it. Here are some actions you can take that we have found to successfully resolve this issue in the past:

  1. Make sure if you're using wifi that the connection is strong and steady.
  2. Do NOT follow the instructions in the automatically generated error message!  Unfortunately clicking the "Go back" link never seems to work.  Instead, try these options:

    • Completely close your browser and then open it again; go back to the website and start the form anew.
    • Open the form in a totally different browser (for example, if you're in Internet Explorer, try Chrome or Firefox).
  3. Try using a different computer.
  4. Try waiting and submitting the form later.
  5. Some school districts/organizations have firewalls in place that interfere with registration form submissions; you may have to try submitting the form once you're off-site, or speaking with your technology department.