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A Right Merge – STAR and EBRI Resource Libraries Become One! - By Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR Coordinator

For several years, STAR (Student Achievement in Reading) and EBRI (Evidence-Based Reading Instruction) were separate, ATLAS resource libraries. The STAR library was developed first and required a “top secret” user name and password. It contained many wonderful resources created by and for MN STAR managers and teachers. The EBRI library offered some of the same -- but mostly different -- resources for all MN ABE/ESL reading teachers.

This summer, all of the STAR resources (such as Stellar Ideas, Challenges & Solutions, and Stories of Success) were consolidated and successfully merged into the EBRI resource library. Nothing was lost, but much was gained by developing this combined and open (no login required) resource library! (NOTE: You will now be linked to EBRI Resources from the STAR Resources page.)

Most of the STAR+EBRI resources are FREE (a few require a site login to access) and organized into eight categories:

  • Professional Development offers access to seven national publications or documents related to adult literacy, five LINCS and three MLC online courses, and STAR/EBRI Stories of Success.
  • Managed Enrollment includes a making complex change chart (appropriate for STAR, CCRS, adult diploma implementation), a national report on persistence, and MN ABE resources describing successful managed enrollment steps and strategies.
  • Diagnostic Reading Assessment provides access to four “teacher-friendly” tests from a LINCS website, Challenges & Solutions, and Stellar Ideas from MN STARs.
  • Classroom Organization (a new category) has an explicit instruction poster and Stellar Ideas. Soon it will include resources for setting up daily/weekly/monthly reading routines and STAR/EBRI classroom examples.
  • Under the four reading component categories – Alphabetics, Fluency, Vocabulary, and Comprehension – relevant ARTICLES appear at the top. They are followed by a variety of online or printable RESOURCES in alphabetical order. The brief descriptions indicate whether the resource is for beginning, intermediate, or advanced level students. There are also Challenges & Solutions and Stellar Ideas.

CHECK OUT the merged STAR+EBRI website and these recent or new resource postings:

  • Beginning Alphabetics Tests and Tools
  • CCRS and the Reading Foundational Skills
  • Fluency Instruction for STAR/EBRI Volunteers
  • Fluency Techniques for STAR/EBRI Volunteers
  • Fry’s 1-300 Instant Words, Phrases, and Sentences 
  • Teaching Analogy Phonics
  • Technology Mingle Ideas
  • 102 Most Common Non-Word Syllables
  • Vocabulary Instruction for STAR/EBRI Volunteers – coming soon!