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Announcing the New Numeracy Resource Library! - By Marisa Geisler, ATLAS Administrator

Are you looking for resources on math standards? Numeracy instruction? Brushing up on your own math skills? Good news: ATLAS has built a new online Numeracy resource library just for you!

The Numeracy library is found on the ATLAS website under the RESOURCES menu at the top, along with our other resource libraries. It was very much built with the user in mind, with careful attention to the broad complexity of topics that practitioners may be looking for.

“Our biggest challenge was how to organize the library – how to categorize items in a way that made sense to practitioners, without creating a structure that was too complex to be useful,” explains Abby Roza, who was contracted by ATLAS to identify numeracy resources and guide the creation of the website. “How would teachers most likely look for specific resources?”

To wrangle the complexity of math topics into something more manageable, Abby identified a number of main categories – which you can see on the right in the screenshot above – as well as several sub-categories within them. These main categories are grouped into three areas:

  • Math Standards – including the College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) and Adult Diploma competencies
  • Content Resources – dealing with the various math content areas and including both resources focused on teaching a concept and those focused on learning a concept (i.e., developing one’s own content knowledge)
  • Instructional Resources – housing a variety of resources focused on instructors’ own professional development and teaching practice


Some of the main categories have sub-categories within them, and others do not. Thus, when you click on a main category with no sub-categorization, it will take you directly to a page that lists several resources within that category – such as the Language of Math category, shown below.

Other main categories have sub-categories identified within them, for example CCRS Key Shifts under MATH STANDARDS. When you click on this category, you will see a page that lists the three Key Instructional Shifts from the CCRS on the right-hand side – Focus, Coherence, and Rigor (as shown below) – and you can choose one of those three sub-categories to get more information.

If we check out the Rigor sub-category, we find that two resources dealing with this Key Shift have been posted so far.


Worried about getting lost within the categories? No sweat: to navigate back and forth easily, you can always click on BACK TO NUMERACY RESOURCES >> to return to the Numeracy resource library homepage.

You can also use the “breadcrumbs” to find your way back! These are used throughout the ATLAS website to show the path you’ve taken from page to page, and they are always in a yellow bar towards the top, as shown below. Simply click on one of the “stepping stones” in the path to return to that page.


Not sure how a particular topic might be categorized? That’s no problem either; simply use the SEARCH function on the Numeracy resource library homepage. In addition to categorizing each resource, we are identifying them with TAGS (found at the bottom of each listing, as you can see on the Rigor page above) to make it easier for you to find things.

We are still in the process of posting resources, so not all the categories have been populated yet. There are also a few new categories that will be added very soon. However, we encourage you to take a look and explore the various topics! In the coming weeks, Abby will publish several articles in MN ABE Connect to highlight some of the great resources from the library and offer suggestions for utilizing them. We hope this online library will be a valuable resource for you!

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