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APPLICATION TO STAR 18 IS NOW OPEN! - By Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR Coordinator

Join this year’s cohort of reading reformers!

Minnesota has been a STudent Achievement in Reading (STAR) state for ten years. This partnership with the Office of Career, Technical, and Adult Education (OCTAE) and Project STAR allows us access to a comprehensive professional development (PD) and technical assistance (TA or ongoing support) package that “teaches ABE instructors to use evidence-based reading instruction (EBRI) in the classroom” (

Implementation of STAR/EBRI aligns with a Workforce Opportunity Investment Act (WOIA) requirement to “incorporate the essential components of reading and disseminate information about models and promising practices, as they relate to adults and programs” ( STAR/EBRI is also considered a priority by MDE-ABE state staff.

The first cohort of MN ABE managers and teachers (STAR 09) attended STAR Institutes during 2008-2009. Seven other cohorts (STAR 10-16) attended during 2009-2016. Over 150 MN ABE practitioners have been trained in STAR practices -- proven to increase the reading achievement of Intermediate ABE and Advanced ESL students.

If your ABE program has not yet participated in STAR, consider this 3-year plan:

  1. STAR 18 (2017-2018) will include 4 face-to-face Institutes delivered over 7 days and ongoing support from 2 certified STAR trainers. 
  2. STAR 19 (2018-2019) will not include any Institutes but will offer ongoing support and resources from the STAR coordinator (like during STAR 17).
  3. STAR 20 (2019-2020) will use a new hybrid model, where participants learn the training content, complete assignments, and receive STAR trainer coaching online. There will be 3-4 meetings.

If your ABE program wants to participate in STAR 18, here are some specifics:

  •  All STAR Institutes will occur at Hamline University in the Anderson Center. Parking passes, lodging, and mileage reimbursement (beyond 50 miles) are provided by ATLAS. 
  • All STAR training days begin at 9:00 AM, conclude around 3:30 PM, and include catered meals provided by ATLAS.
  • STAR Institute I takes place November 16-17, 2017; STAR Institute II takes place February 8-9, 2018; STAR Institute III takes place April 26-27, 2018; and a STAR+CCRS Institute IV takes place on June 1, 2018.
  • STAR 18 participants receive stipends and CEUs from ATLAS for full attendance and completion of action and lesson plan. In addition, ATLAS provides a variety of reading assessment and instructional materials.
  • STAR 18 participants can earn 3 graduate-level credits from Hamline University at reduced tuition cost.

And finally, here is the application process for participation in STAR 18:

  • All new STAR administrators and new STAR teachers must view the STAR 18 Orientation slide show (only 20 slides) prior to application. The slide show, application form, and participant agreement are available on the STAR web page under RELATED RESOURCES on the right.
  • All STAR 18 applications and agreements are due to Marn Frank by October 13, 2017. They will be reviewed by STAR leadership team and if needed, Marn will request more information. 
  • All STAR 18 administrators and teachers will be notified by October 31, 2017 and given access to the online STAR toolkit.

Please contact Marn Frank with any or all of your STAR/EBRI questions!

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Originally published 9/12/17