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DL 101: Coming Your Way this Fall! - By Renada Rutmanis, PD Coordinator

Do you have students who can only come to class a limited amount of time due to work, family, and other time constraints? Do you have students who want to prepare for college and need to build their computer and independent learning skills? If you answered yes, DL 101 can help you reach these goals by building your capacity to offer distance learning (DL) programming.

DL 101 Overview

DL 101 is a year-long professional development initiative that starts with a face-to-face kickoff event on October 9, 2017, followed by a series of webinars, online discussions, and assignments. This introductory course is designed for teachers and managers without extensive experience with distance learning. 

Participating teachers and managers work together in a cohort of peers from around the state to address critical issues in distance learning and create a plan for their program/site. This course covers best practices in Recruitment, Screening and Orientation, Instruction, and Assessment. 

Participants can expect to spend at least 18 hours working on PD activities over the course of the year, as well as additional time implementing new programming at your site. Programs who are accepted, fully participate, and complete the course requirements will receive a stipend to cover expenses related to travel, meetings, and substitute teachers.

Any questions regarding the eligibility requirements or application and review process should be sent to Renada Rutmanis: email Renada or call her at 651-744-7556. You can also find more information about DL 101 and other DL professional development opportunities on the Minnesota ABE DL website.

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Apply for DL 101

To apply for this opportunity, the ABE manager must complete the online application by September 15, 2017