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Hosting a Summer Institute Poster Session: What's in It for Me? - By Rob Podlasek, Training Director

We are still looking for people to host poster sessions at this year’s ABE Summer Institute. 

The Poster Session will be held on Thursday, August 16 from 1:15-2:00 pm. Check the Literacy Action Network website for helpful information on putting together a great session.

So why should you do a poster session? Don't just take my word for it! Here is what some alumni have said:

“Poster sessions are a great way to receive feedback on a 'work in progress'.”
– Penny Brown, SouthWest Metro ABE

“It’s a great way to highlight something specific you’re working on in class, no matter how small. And it’s a great networking and professional share-out opportunity. Many people stop by to ask questions—often ones doing similar work in their own setting, and these conversations generate more ideas to take back to your classroom/school setting.”
– Mya Shaftel, Open Door Learning Center – Lake Street

“It is a good opportunity to showcase one of your ideas to a very appreciative audience. I always get more ideas than I give.” 
– Rosie Sharkey, Dakota Prairie ABE

“I've enjoyed doing poster sessions because it's a casual way to share ideas with my colleagues. It's a great way to share without the jitters of making a presentation to a large group. It's also great because you can have more individualized conversations with colleagues about what you're doing in your classroom. Doing poster sessions is THE BEST.” 
– Meghan Boyle, Open Door Learning Center – Lake Street

“I think doing a poster session is a fabulous way to share a lesson, unit, or other information with ABE colleagues in an informal, conversational venue. The first year I attended Summer Institute I didn't go to the poster session and realized afterward how much great information I had missed out on. Every year since then, I have made sure to attend and have gotten some great information from my peers.” 
– Laura Moyer, Metro North

Need some inspiration? Here are some of the exciting posters we already have lined up for this year:

  • UDL Curriculum for Pre-Beginning ESL
  • Academic Vocabulary Mingle
  • Towards a Trauma-Informed Pedagogy
  • Teaching the Writing Process: from brainstorming to uploading a final product for publication
  • Journeys: An Anthology of Student Writing
  • Let Google Drive help drive your instruction!
  • Making Books and Materials in Google Slides
  • Digital Duos
  • From ABE to College-Ready: Student, Teacher, and Navigator
  • Introducing Google Drive and Google Apps
  • Crystal Clear Communicators Toastmasters Club
  • Word Level Analogy Exercises
  • The Adult Literacy Hotline – Connecting Adult Learners and ABE Programs
  • Navigation Start Up How-Tos
  • Professional Engagement Committee of LAN

Need more incentive? All poster session presenters will receive 3 CEUs.

Need even MORE incentive? All poster session presenters will be entered into a drawing to win two $25 Amazon gift cards.

Fill out a Poster Session Proposal today!

Questions? Email Rob Podlasek

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