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Journeys 2017 Student Writing Anthology Available in Early May! - By Liam Shramko, Community Engagement Coordinator

Journeys 2017: An Anthology of Adult Student Writing will be available in early May! In its 28th year, Journeys 2017 collects and showcases short written pieces by 700 Adult Basic Education learners from every corner of Minnesota and from more than 60 countries of origin. Their written pieces are personal, humorous, tragic, and inspirational. The essays, memories, and poems are about learners’ home countries, their journeys to America, family life, challenges and hardship, hopes and dreams, seasons and celebrations, culture and traditions, and education.

Journeys 2017 is a wonderful tool for your ABE classroom. Adult students in ESL, GED, college preparation, and basic skills classes relate to these real-life stories. Each piece is lightly edited in a way that does not interfere with authors' language levels and personal styles, allowing the writing to function as examples for student readers. Learn how to integrate Journeys into your classroom.

If you would like to read stories from Journeys 2017 before it’s available, you can read select stories on our brand new Journeys facebook page. Like us on Facebook and follow along as we preview select stories from the upcoming publication, like Diversified?? by Aisha Barre.

Journeys 2017 is unique to Minnesota with few similar publications. With wide appeal, the books are often purchased by volunteers, tutors, coordinators, and teachers, for learning activities and as gifts for their students.

Visit the Minnesota Literacy Council Journeys website to order your own copy of Journeys 2017. The publication is $10 each with a pre-order 5% discount when you order by May 25, 2017, in addition to a 20% bulk order discount for orders of 20 books or more. Students can purchase Journeys for their personal use for $5. To learn more or to pre-order, visit, or call 651-645-2277.