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Journeys Submissions: New Early Submission Deadline - By Lynette Ward, Operations Coordinator



Friday, December 23, 2016 is this year’s new deadline for written and art submissions for the Journeys 2017 edition. 

The new Journeys deadline is six weeks earlier than previous years. We made the deadline earlier in order to complete Journeys before the end of your ABE program school year. Download the submission guidelines here

Written Submissions

Want to submit written pieces by your students? Link here to the online written submission form

Original Art Submissions

Interested in submitting original art for Journeys? Download the art submission form and guidelines here. Only original art accepted.

Only one written or art submission per student (you may submit one art piece that illustrates your written submission). Your submission must be an original piece of writing or art work. Deadline for submission is Friday, December 23, 2016. Students must be active in a Minnesota adult literacy program. Questions/concerns? Contact Liam. *

What is Journeys?

In its 28th year, Journeys 2017 will collect and showcase short written pieces by Adult Basic Education learners from every corner of Minnesota. Their written pieces are personal, humorous, tragic, and inspirational. The essays, memories, and poems are about learners’ home countries, their journeys to America, family life, challenges and hardship, hopes and dreams, seasons and celebrations, culture and traditions, and education. Authors take great pride in reading and sharing their published piece. Here is an excerpt of a piece in Journeys 2016 – "Finding My Voice" – by Camila Silveira, a student from Maple Grove:

In my first weeks here, I was terrified that people would talk to me and that I wouldn’t be able to answer. I felt afraid, shy about my accent, and forgot all the words that I knew before. I listened to people talking about subjects that I like, and I couldn’t give my opinion. I needed my husband’s help to do everything, even small things like ordering in a restaurant or answering the phone. I cried several times because I felt stupid and alone. I missed so much talking to other people and being understood . . . Day after day I feel a little more confident and less concerned. I start to talk more, even when I’m not so sure about the grammar or what word I need to use.

Studies suggest that culturally relevant texts are an important factor in a student’s engagement in learning. Journeys provides a text of authentic learner stories to effectively engage students in the classroom. Students can submit a piece by completing the online submission form by Friday, December 23, 2016.

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First published 3-Oct-2016