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New ESL Resource Library - By Andrea Echelberger, MN Literacy Council / ESL Library Curator

Are you an adult ESL teacher who is looking for resources to use in your classroom and to inform your teaching practice? When it comes to finding effective resources online, are you unsure of where to begin? If so, you’ll be happy to hear that ATLAS has created a new online resource library, ESL Resources, which contains links to quality online resources that have been vetted and selected especially for adult ESL teachers.

The ESL library is found on the ATLAS website under the RESOURCES menu at the top of the website, along with the other ATLAS resource libraries. This library was designed with input from adult ESL teachers from around the state, who supplied recommendations for categories, sub-categories, and featured resources.

The resources in the ESL Resources library are arranged by five main categories

  • Teaching Language
  • Classroom Practices
  •  Assessment
  • Academic Language
  • Special Topics in ESL

Each of these categories have sub-categories that you can click on to find resources specific to that area. For example, the category Assessment contains the sub-categories Goal-Setting, Checking for Learning, and Providing Corrective Feedback.

Not sure how a particular topic that you are interested in might be categorized? You can simply search the library using the SEARCH function on the ESL Resources library homepage. In addition to categorizing each resource, we are identifying them with TAGS (found at the bottom of each resource) to make it easier for you to find things.

We are still in the process of posting resources, so not all the categories have been populated yet. There are also a few new categories that will be added very soon. However, we encourage you to take a look and explore the various topics! Also, if you have favorite online resources that you would like to share with your colleagues via the ESL Resource Library, please email the resources to Andrea Echelberger. We hope this online library will be a valuable resource for you!

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