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Skills Tutor Update - By Tom Cytron-Hysom, Consultant

Skills Tutor is the most commonly used distance learning (DL) platform in Minnesota ABE, and is one of two DL platforms for which a license is purchased for the entire state. You may have heard that Skills Tutor is being discontinued by its publisher at the end of 2016. Identifying a replacement platform is a high priority.

Responsibility for addressing this issue has been assigned to the DL Supplemental Services grant this year. A team including Renada Rutmanis, Susan Wetenkamp Brandt, and myself is looking at a wide range of options. We may need to include two or more replacement options, if we cannot identify one platform that serves the wide range of instructional needs addressed through Skills Tutor.

Factors we are examining include content covered, price, accessibility through tablets/phone, web-based features, reporting capacity, alignment with CCRS, ease of use, and lifespan (plans for maintenance and upgrading over time). We are looking at each currently approved platform in an effort to identify one or more appropriate replacements. Our intent is to have this choice implemented next year.

If you have any thoughts or question, feel free to contact Tom Cytron-Hysom, Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, or Renada Rutmanis.

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