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What’s that you say? You’d like more CCRS Aligned Resources & Lessons? YOU GOT IT! - By Patsy Egan, Director

You asked, and ATLAS has answered! The Content Standards resource library on the ATLAS website has been greatly expanded recently. This library is THE destination for teachers and administrators who aim to begin or deepen their implementation of the College & Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS). Find it here!

Along the right hand side, you’ll find the library divided into three sections: ELA, Math, and General Resources. These materials all stem from our CCRS implementation work statewide, particularly the cohort that began in fall 2016. All the materials shared here have been vetted by a subject-matter expert on the CCRS Implementation Lead Team and approved for posting.

For both ELA and Math, you can find in each section:

  • Implementation Tools (blank tools for evaluating and enhancing lessons/units/resources, for planning individualized instruction, for observing standards-aligned lessons, and for examining student work)
  • Sample Resource Evaluations (filled out and vetted evaluations of commonly used resources such as Ventures, Newsela, Common Core Achieve, & Math Sense, along with recommended high value actions when using these resources)
  • Sample Lesson/Unit Plans (lessons/units from a variety of levels and teaching contexts summarized in the CCRS implementation template)
  • Sample Student Tasks (coming soon!)
  • Workshop materials (slides and handouts from relevant past presentations)

In the General Resources, you can find the following:

  • Program CCRS Implementation Tool (a downloadable guide for organizing and planning CCRS implementation at the program level)
  • English Learners & CCRS (our newest category, with much more to come!)
  • CCRS Workshop Materials (slides and handouts from relevant past presentations)
  • Glossary of CCRS Terms (Dizzy trying to figure out all the CCRS jargon? This handy glossary can help!)

We particularly encourage you to take a look at the Glossary of CCRS Terms, our latest addition to the library. This document is extremely helpful as you navigate the complex world of CCRS implementation!

A big thank you to our fearless CCRS leaders, Kristine Kelly and Amber Delliger, and to Melody Chalmers, Rebecca Strom, and Tammy Twiggs for their tireless assistance in vetting, improving, and posting so many resources.

Note: The Content Standards resource library landing page begins with a basic introduction to MN ABE’s three sets of content standards: CCRS, ACES TIF, and Northstar. Both ACES and Northstar have additional sites that are linked from this landing page, if you’d like to learn more about them. The bulk of the Content Standards library offers resources specifically for CCRS.

We hope you find the Content Standards resource library a useful site to visit often! Comments and suggestions are always welcome: Email Patsy.

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