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Payment and Reimbursement

ATLAS Invoice Form

NEW!  To request payment/reimbursement through ATLAS, please fill out the online ATLAS invoice form below. Please follow the instructions on the form carefully.



  1. You no longer need to print out and sign the invoice; you will electronically initial the online form.
  2. For reimbursable expenses (hotel, airfare, supplies, etc.), you will need to upload all pertinent receipts into the form. You may upload PDF and Word documents, or you can even take a photo of your receipt and upload that file! (JPG, PNG, GIF)
  3. If ATLAS/Hamline has never paid you before or does not have a current W-9 on file, you will need to securely upload a Form W-9 (see Form W-9 instructions below).
  4. Please see instructions regarding Requirements for Receipts, State Per Diem Limits and Mileage below.
  5. ATLAS is not permitted to pay or reimburse any state employee, including MnSCU and DOC staff.

Questions? Email Marisa Squadrito Geisler, ATLAS Operations Manager

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Form W-9

You will be required to submit a Form W-9 if you have never received payment from Hamline or do not currently have a W-9 on file with Hamline. 

  1. Download a fillable Form W-9 here.
  2. Fill out the top, including your SSN, by typing directly into the document.
  3. Print the first page. (NOTE: You can't save the completed form unless you "print as Adobe PDF" and save it to your computer)
  4. Sign and date the printout by hand.
  5. Scan the form to your computer. To submit your W-9 securely, DO NOT email it or upload it to your invoice form, as these are not secure delivery methods. Please use the secure form below:


Requirements for Receipts

If you are requesting reimbursement for incurred expenses such as meals, supplies, photocopies, hotel, etc., list these in Part B of the invoice and submit receipts with your invoice.

Acceptable receipts:

  • List the items/services purchased (i.e., are itemized)
  • Indicate that
    • The balance is zero (i.e., has been paid), OR that
    • A particular amount was paid by credit card (e.g. “Visa xxxx-1234, $100.00”)

State Per Diem Limits and Mileage

As a state-funded program, ATLAS is required to observe the following state per diem limits on reimbursement for food and mileage expenses while traveling. These limits apply to all ATLAS activities. Please note that these expenses are not always reimbursable, depending on the activity and type of travel; please verify with Marisa before submitting these expenses.

  • Breakfast – $9
  • Lunch – $11
  • Dinner – $16

Mileage reimbursement – currently $0.58 per mile (as of January 2019). Mileage logged in 2018 is reimbursable at the rate of $0.545 per mile.