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MN ABE Professional Development Standards

In 2008 and 2009, ATLAS partnered with the Minnesota Department of Education to begin facilitating a process to develop a unified system for Minnesota ABE professional development (PD). The Regional PD Coordinators and other ABE professionals contributed a great deal to this process as well.

Below are the standards that were created to serve as part of the framework for the PD system. To the right is a printer-friendly document that includes both the standards and sample indicators for each one.


Deepens and broadens practitioners’ knowledge of content areas, instructional strategies, new trends and initiatives in ABE, and assessment strategies based on research and professional wisdom to help learners meet their goals.


Prepares ABE staff to create supportive learning environments and hold high expectations for all students.


Multiple sources of data are collected and used to determine state priorities, monitor progress, and promote continuous improvement.


Uses multiple evaluation strategies to measure impact and guide improvement of future professional development.


Enhances practitioners’ abilities to evaluate and apply relevant data, research, theory, evidence-based practices, and professional wisdom to their work.


Is well designed in that it takes place over time; encourages reflection and application; uses teaching and learning strategies appropriate to the intended goals; and employs a variety of delivery approaches and methods.


Models theories of adult learning and development.


Fosters program, community, regional, state and national level collaboration.


Builds learning communities that foster collaboration, peer learning, and support among practitioners.


Leadership at the state and local levels promotes effective professional development.