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Practitioner Research

This professional development activity was offered by ATLAS in the past for those interested in conducting practitioner (not scientific) research on reading or writing instruction in their ABE, ESL, or GED classroom. 

However, ATLAS is not currently offering Practitioner Research; If funding becomes available, it may be offered in the future. Feel free to read research reports written by former participants by clicking on the link found under RELATED RESOURCES to the right.

What is practitioner research?

Practitioner research is an intensive, innovative, and interactive staff development activity in which ABE providers learn about current reading and writing research, participate collaboratively in a practitioner research process, and determine data-based findings and conclusions that may change their teaching practice, students, and program or consortium. Participation is generally limited to 12 practitioners per program year.

What will I be expected to do?

  1. Attend four training sessions held at Hamline University in Saint Paul.
    • Session 1: Understanding the practitioner research process, reading or writing research, and informal assessment.
    • Session 2: Developing your research question, instructional strategy, or change, and your data collection plan.
    • Session 3: Analyzing your data and beginning your report.
    • Session 4: Completing your report and planning your presentation.
  2. Complete research review, project development and implementation, data collection and analysis, written reporting, iterative; report review, and project evaluation
  3. Present your practitioner research project at Summer Institute, ABE regionals, other conferences, or program staff meetings

During the long-term practitioner research process, teachers will:

  • Develop a research question to study a change in their reading or writing teaching practice
  • Learn how to collect quantitative and qualitative data in their classroom to answer the research question they have developed
  • Learn how to analyze quantitative and qualitative data to determine findings, conclusions, and implications for their teaching practice
  • Learn how to write a quality and professional practitioner research report
  • Receive a $500 stipend and 28 CEUs, with the opportunity to earn 2 graduate semester credits

How do I participate?

After June 30, 2010, Practitioner Research will be offered as resources allow. 

Please feel free to contact ATLAS Director Patsy Vinogradov with any questions you may have in the interim.