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Career Field: Health

Adult Career Pathway: Healthcare

Type: ABE bridge course

Prepares Students for: Choosing and entering a variety of health care programs at the local community and technical college; and entry-level healthcare jobs

Target Student Population: ABE students, dislocated workers, or incumbent workers who desire to start a healthcare career pathway. Adults age 18 or older with intention to attend postsecondary or seek employment upon completion of the course. Prerequisites: TABE Reading 518 (6th grade) or CASAS 236.

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Course Description: This course provides students with an introduction to healthcare career pathways offered through a local community and technical college. Students explore healthcare career pathways that fit their interests, values, aptitude, work behavior and personality. Students learn basic concepts and terminology in the healthcare field and develop their academic and study skills. Through connections with the local workforce center, students become knowledgeable about regional labor market data in the healthcare industry, as well as entry level healthcare employment they may obtain while attending college. Students complete the National Work Readiness Credential as part of this course.

Duration: 36 hours (12 days, 3 hours per day)

Curriculum Description: Includes course overview, teacher outlines for each day, and 2 of 12 daily PowerPoint presentations.

Curriculum Pluses: Daily outlines provide ideas for learning activities, familiarization with college offices and resources, and exposure to healthcare work settings. PowerPoints provide key concepts related to career exploration and the healthcare field.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Most daily PowerPoints and all student handouts are not included. Much of the content is related specifically to a local community college and local resource people – this would have to be modified in a new context. The duration of the course and outlined activities seem insufficient to adequately prepare students for a successful mock interview, final exam and NCRC exam.

Author: Karen Wolters, Mankato Area Adult Education

Published: 2011


Karen Wolters
Coordinator, Mankato Area Adult Basic Education
507-207-3054 / Email Karen

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