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Healthcare Career Bridge II Reading & Writing

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Career Field: Health

Adult Career Pathway: Healthcare

Type: Bridge II

Prepares Students for: Scoring 11.0+ on TABE Reading; progress to Healthcare Career Bridge III course (for TABE 11.0-12.9) or a college basic certificate program in Nursing Assistant or other Health Sciences field. [When followed by Healthcare Career Bridge III, students should be able to pass the Reading and Writing portions of the GED test and score high enough on community college entrance exam to enter college.]

Target Student Population: Low ASE and High Intermediate or above ESL students with TABE 9.0 to 10.9 Reading and Math scores.

Access Curriculum: Download

Course Description: Students build reading and writing skills through investigation of the science and social studies of nutrition and healthcare reform. Four units, each with a reading, research and fact-finding week followed by a writing week; two full writing projects, multiple essays, extensive reading, and a classroom debate.

Duration: 8 weeks, 4 days/week, 2 hours/day = 64 hours total

Curriculum Description: One comprehensive PDF document. A chart lays out each weekly theme, reading, writing and presentation activities. Each unit includes all materials and detailed teaching guide for each week, including NRS standards covered and daily lesson plans that include activities, handouts, and web-based resources.

Curriculum Pluses: Clearly laid out. Includes all materials required to teach the course. Based on ABE best practices and aligned with NRS (National Reporting System for Adult Education Programs) standards. Many lessons include technology components that help students develop digital literacy skills.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Lessons were written for a City Colleges of Chicago (CCC) context, so some materials specific to the career pathway will not fit a MN local context; and the materials are in PDF format, so not easily modified. CCC references will need to be identified and changed throughout.

Author: Developed by Stephanie Sommers – A collaborative project between City Colleges of Chicago and Women Employed

Published: 2013

Contact: For questions about the design of the bridge program or customization of the lessons:

Christina Warden
Senior Program Manager, Women Employed
312-782-3902 ext. 228 / Email Christina

Lauren Hooberman
Bridge Director, City Colleges of Chicago
Email Lauren

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