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Integrated Medical Terminology (Learner Web)

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Career Field: Health

Adult Career Pathway: Healthcare – including Medical Office

Type: Learner Web plan (online curriculum); for use as a Bridge or as a supplement to an Integrated course

Prepares Students for: Success in a college-level integrated medical terminology course

Target Student Population: TABE D Reading 6.0+; strong computer skills

Access Curriculum: You can see the learning plan at Follow the instructions on the Demo site for getting a free account. To register students to use the Learner Web plan, your consortium must have a Learner Web site license. For information about obtaining a site license or to find out if your consortium has one, contact

Course Description: First unit introduces learners to medical terminology. It explains word parts like suffixes and prefixes, and how to combine them to make common medical words. Second unit covers 12 body systems.

Duration: Approximately 20 hours of self-study

Curriculum Description: Resources for each terminology lesson (“step”) include online and PDF study guides/reference documents, a variety of practice activities and quizzes, culminating in a medical terminology test. Each body system lesson includes an overview, vocabulary list, instructional video and practice activities. A final body system test is also provided. Also includes audio instruction on correct pronunciation of terms and correct word stress.

Curriculum Pluses: Allows for independent study by a learner either in preparation for a medical terminology course or while in a course, to reinforce course content. Resources teach concepts, provide practice and assess learning. Practice activities help learners master material that is above their current reading/language level. A 77-slide medical terminology tutorial is excellent and provides several quizzes. Reference guides and videos are especially useful for learners, and could be used by an instructor in class as well. Builds skills for website navigation and independent online learning.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Course overview and objectives are not provided for the learner. Some reading material is high for the target student population. Navigation of Learner Web can be difficult for the independent learner until familiar with the platform. Does not include career exploration or transition skills (these are likely covered in the face-to-face course).

Author: Saint Paul ABE / Saint Paul College FastTrac partnership

Published: 2011 (note: updated on an ongoing basis)


Julia Tabbut
Minnesota Literacy Council
700 Raymond Avenue, Suite 180, St. Paul, MN 55114
651-645-2277 /

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