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Introduction to Nursing Assistant (Pre-CNA) Course

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Career Field: Health

Adult Career Pathway: Certified Nursing Assistant

Type: Nursing Assistant training preparation

Prepares Students for: Inver Hills Community College or American Red Cross (ARC) Certified Nursing Assistant Training Program

Target Student Population: ELLs and English speakers; CASAS Reading 224+ (on test 185/186); or TABE D Reading 4.0+

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Course Description: Course builds vocabulary and basic understanding of all aspects of the CNA role in a health-care setting. Primary textbook is Mosby’s Basic Skills for Nursing Assistants in Long-Term Care, which also includes videos. Each of the 17 course units focuses on a topic and practical skill practice. Assessments include skill demonstration, unit quizzes and multiple-choice final exam.

Duration: 14-16 weeks, 10 hours/week = 160-180 hours of instruction

Curriculum Description: Dropbox folder includes course overview and folder for each unit. Each unit folder includes an overview of the unit’s benchmarks and activities in order, and all teaching/learning materials – vocabulary lists and activities, worksheets, PowerPoint slides, partner activities and skill demonstration guidelines. Instruction requires basic equipment (stethoscopes, thermometers, gloves, etc.).

Curriculum Pluses: Units and materials are well-organized and complete, when paired with the textbook. Provides variety of engaging learning activities that support student mastery of the material.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Vocabulary and content multiple-choice unit quizzes and final exam are noted in course overview but not provided in Dropbox folders. (Instructor created them in Quia, an online tool, drawing from Mosby textbook and American Red Cross training materials, but these are not public.) Images have been removed from PowerPoint slides due to copyright restrictions; instructor will need to add images.

Authors: Stacy Bennig and Kathy Bjornson, St. Paul ABE

Published: 2011


Stacy Bennig
Instructor, St. Paul ABE
651-290-4822 / Email Stacy

Karen Gerdin
Assistant Supervisor, St. Paul ABE
651-744-7522 / Email Karen

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