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Introduction to Medical Terminology 1 and 2

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Career Field: Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway: Medical assistant, medical translator, medical billing specialist, nursing, or other medical careers

Type: ABE Bridge Course

Prepares Students to:

  • Get a job as an entry-level medical assistant
  • Enter Medical Terminology course at community & technical college

Target Student Population: ESL and ABE students, TABE 5.0+ or CASAS 230;GED or adult diploma students

Access Curriculum:

Course Description: This course will assist students in understanding the terminology used in healthcare careers, and the varied applications. Class activities include:

  • Analyzing medical vocabulary (roots, suffixes and prefixes)
  • Memorizing terms through varied small group activities
  • Practicing pronouncing and spelling medical terms
  • Reading case studies with medical language in context
  • Exploring healthcare career options through “mini-mentor” videos, short readings, and discussion

Duration: 1 hour/session, 5 days/week, 9 weeks/course = 45 instructional hours

Curriculum Description: Utilizes Medical Terminology: A Short Course, 7th Edition as core text. Additional student and teacher materials, organized by unit, are in Google Drive folders. Includes teacher outline, with clear scope and sequence, plus student syllabus. Unit materials include teacher’s guide, presentation of concepts, worksheets, quizzes, and answer keys.

Curriculum Pluses: Scope and sequence provides clear direction to instructor on how to use materials. Content is well-organized and complete for teaching the course. Learning task formats (regular instructional routines) are geared to ABE-level learners. Pre- and post-unit self-assessments allow students to reflect on their own learning gains.

Curriculum Drawbacks: None.

Author: Dara Oken, Minneapolis Adult Education

Published: 2015; revised 2016, 2017


Heather Turngren
Instructor, Minneapolis Adult Education
2225 E. Lake St., Minneapolis, MN 55407
612-668-7078 / Email Heather

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