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Syllable-final Consonant Articulation Lessons

NEW!  Created by Suzanne McCurdy, included here are 7 lessons intended to help your learners who are deleting the consonants at the end of syllables when speaking. For example, a learner might delete the final /t/ at the end of the word “white”, resulting in the listener hearing the word “why.”

Each lesson is annotated, guiding the teacher through the steps. One lesson takes 45 to 60 minutes to complete, but please adapt as necessary. For more information on adaptations and to see a video of this process in action, see this article from MN ABE Connect.

  • Lesson 1: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /m/, /k/, & /r/
  • Lesson 2: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /r/, /v/, & /n/
  • Lesson 3: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /n/, /t/, & /s/
  • Lesson 4: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds "ch", /p/, & /s/
  • Lesson 5: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /st/, /nk/, & /z/
  • Lesson 6: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /nk/, /ld/, & /d/
  • Lesson 7: This lesson covers the final consonant sounds /ld/, "sh", & /rk/

2015 ESL Institute Presentations

Check out the presentation materials from the 2015 ESL Institute that are posted in our Events Archive. You can find presentations from previous Institutes in the Events Archive as well.

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Adult Literacy Education Wiki

Adult literacy and education, including English language learning, numeracy, and adult basic and secondary education. ALE Wiki is a community of practice with links to research for practitioners, researchers, learners and others.

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Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA)

Center for Adult English Language Acquisition (CAELA) Research findings and evidence-based resources for practitioners working with adult English language learners. Resources include a practitioner toolkit, bibliographies, books, briefs, online resource collections, digests and Q&As, frequently asked questions, and a searchable research database.

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Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL)

CAL is a private, nonprofit organization working to improve communication through better understanding of language and culture.  Online information includes testing/assessment, literacy education, dialects, and refugee integration.

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* NEW! CAL Solutions focuses specifically on Adult ESL Education, with resources, training and other services available.

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NEW! ELL-U provides English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) practitioners with access to evidence-based instruction training, leading adult ESOL experts, and resources, while helping to build a community of practice for ESOL professionals.

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Low-Literacy Adult ESL Study Circle Guide

NEW! Created by ATLAS associate Patsy Vinogradov, the Study Circle Guide was designed as a resource to enable ABE programs across the state to conduct their own job-embedded professional development around the topic of low-literacy adult ESL, an area of high need according to the 2009 ABE Practitioner Survey.



MinneTESOL is a professional association of Teachers of English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL). Online information includes professional development opportunities, journal articles, general resources and links.

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MinneWITESOL Journal

Volume 25 includes articles that concentrate on research and best practice related to the instruction of ESL learners with low levels of literacy.

Articles include an overview of research-based methods for teaching ESL students with low levels of literacy, a report on a year-long research study on teaching learning strategies to students with low levels of literacy, and several reviews of materials for low-literacy students.

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Teaching ESL to Adults: Classrooms in Action - NEW!

A new FREE online video resource developed by the New American Horizons Foundation. (You may also purchase DVDs for the cost of the materials.) This series of short, accessible teacher training videos, uses classroom and instructor interview footage to illustrate topics in adult ESL practice - such as approaches to teaching each of the four skills, planning lessons, working with emergent literacy learners, and grammar and vocabulary development in context. Hamline's own Betsy Parrish is one of the project team members.

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TESOL Resource Center (TRC)

An online platform for TESOL members to find and share a variety of resources with peers in the profession. See also the main TESOL [] website for more general information.

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