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CCRS Math Standards

NOTE: More detailed resources on CCRS Math Standards are posted in the Numeracy resource library under the following categories:

  • CCRS Math Content Standards
  • CCRS Key Shifts
  • CCRS Mathematical Practices

CCRS Math Standards

The College and Career Readiness Standards for Adult Education (CCRS) are a central component of the content standards being implemented in Minnesota ABE; they form the foundation of the CCRS Implementation Cohort, a year-long MN ABE professional development activity that prepares program teams to align curriculum and instruction to the CCR standards and develop a long-term standards implementation plan for their program.

The CCRS is divided into two sections:
 English Language Arts and Literacy (ELA) and Mathematics.

The Math section of the CCRS can be found on pages 44-84.


CCRS Math Content Progressions

This document contains the mathematics CCRS organized by level and also by domain, to highlight the important progressions in the CCR. Standards associated with the Major Work of the Level (MWOTL) are also identified in this document.