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ELA Materials

Congratulations! You're Getting Engaged (With the Text!)

Spring 2016 ABE Regionals - Kristine Kelly, Lia Olson, Janet Sparks, Patsy Egan Vinogradov

Download - Text-Dependent Questions PPT
Download - Text-Dependent Qs Aligned to CCR Reading Anchors
Download - Progression of Text-Dependent Qs
Download - Evaluating a Question Set

More Fun with Text Complexity! Really.

Fall 2015 ABE Regionals - Kristine Kelly

Download - Text Complexity PPT
Download - Qualitative Analysis Rubric
Download - Guidelines for Text Complexity Analysis
Download - Reader & Task Considerations

Reading A to E: A Closer Look at the CCRS Reading Standards

2016 Language & Literacy Institute - Kristine Kelly & Janet Sparks

Download - PowerPoint

Suggested Question Stems & Frames for Close Reading

Use these CCRS reading question stems and frames to create text-dependent questions for use in close reading of texts. These stems and questions will also help prepare students for new NRS tests.


Text Complexity & Close Reading

By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

This resource from the International Reading Association features Fisher and Frey discussing characteristics of complex text and how the process of close reading can build students capacity to read and comprehend difficult texts.


Text-Dependent Questions

By Douglas Fisher and Nancy Frey

In this article from Principal Leadership, Fisher and Frey discuss types of text-dependent questions and how to create a progression of questions to move students from "explicit to implicit meaning and from sentence level to whole text and across multiple texts."