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ELA Videos

Observing Standards-in-Action: ELA Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of an ELA lesson focused on identifying a claim and evidence (52 minutes; ELA High-intermediate/low secondary ABE students):

  • Some teacher narration, which is very helpful
  • Clear use of "I can" statement and formative assessment
  • Connection of content and skill to real life
  • Nice balance of work with complex text, text-dependent questions and speaking & listening
  • Effective interaction with small groups and different levels of critical thinking prompts for small groups
  • Good examples of scaffolding a difficult skill for students

Observing Standards-in-Action: ESL Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of ELA ESL lesson focused on the writing process and components of effective paragraphs (1 hour 2 minutes; Intermediate/advanced ESL students):

  • Great example of multiple scaffolding steps to build knowledge of paragraph components
  • Actual ESL student writing samples used in activities
  • Pair and group work
  • Students lead much of the work rather than the teacher
  • Expectation that students provide evidence for their thinking
  • Effective tie-in at end to first part of class; preview of class goals and future learning of the writing process