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CCRS in the ABE Classroom: Intermediate ESL

New and experienced ABE teachers will benefit from the standards-based teaching practices demonstrated in this video. This lesson takes place in an adult ESL classroom and focuses on CCR standard Reading Anchor 1, Level C. The activities in the lessons require learners to: 1) Identify and highlight evidence that supports their answers to text-dependent inference questions as evidenced by their responses to the questions and highlighting marks in the text, and 2) Accurately quote or paraphrase specific evidence from the text as evidenced by small group and whole class discussions.

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Download - Lesson Plan
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CCRS in the ABE Classroom: Low Beginning ESL

Are you a teacher who is wondering how to integrate the CCR Standards into your teaching? This lesson focuses on CCR standard Reading Anchor 1, Level A, Speaking and Listening Anchor 1 and 6, and Language Anchor 1. During this lesson, learners demonstrate their ability to: 1) Ask and answer questions about key details in a text, 2) Speak audibly, express thoughts clearly and succinctly, 3) Follow rules for discussions & responding to comments/questions in an exchange, and 4) Understand and use question words. The activities in this video can be used with any topic, and adapted for low beginning to high intermediate level learners.

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Download - Lesson Plan

Observing Standards-in-Action: ELA Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of an ELA lesson focused on identifying a claim and evidence (52 minutes; ELA High-intermediate/low secondary ABE students):

  • Some teacher narration, which is very helpful
  • Clear use of "I can" statement and formative assessment
  • Connection of content and skill to real life
  • Nice balance of work with complex text, text-dependent questions and speaking & listening
  • Effective interaction with small groups and different levels of critical thinking prompts for small groups
  • Good examples of scaffolding a difficult skill for students

Observing Standards-in-Action: ESL Classroom Lesson

Bell-to-bell video of ELA ESL lesson focused on the writing process and components of effective paragraphs (1 hour 2 minutes; Intermediate/advanced ESL students):

  • Great example of multiple scaffolding steps to build knowledge of paragraph components
  • Actual ESL student writing samples used in activities
  • Pair and group work
  • Students lead much of the work rather than the teacher
  • Expectation that students provide evidence for their thinking
  • Effective tie-in at end to first part of class; preview of class goals and future learning of the writing process