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ELA Workshop Materials

Congratulations! You're Getting Engaged (With the Text!)

Spring 2016 ABE Regionals - Kristine Kelly, Lia Olson, Janet Sparks, Patsy Egan Vinogradov

Download - Text-Dependent Questions PPT
Download - Text-Dependent Qs Aligned to CCR Reading Anchors
Download - Progression of Text-Dependent Qs
Download - Evaluating a Question Set

More Fun with Text Complexity! Really.

Fall 2015 ABE Regionals - Kristine Kelly

Download - Text Complexity PPT
Download - Qualitative Analysis Rubric
Download - Guidelines for Text Complexity Analysis
Download - Reader & Task Considerations

Reading A to E: A Closer Look at the CCRS Reading Standards

2016 Language & Literacy Institute - Kristine Kelly & Janet Sparks

Download - PowerPoint