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NOTE: More detailed resources on CCRS Math Standards are posted in the Numeracy resource library under the following categories:

  • CCRS Math Content Standards
  • CCRS Key Shifts
  • CCRS Mathematical Practices

CCRS Math Lesson/Unit Planning Template

This standards-aligned lesson plan template is designed to be used to incorporate the 3 CCRS Math shifts into unit/lesson plans. This template also provides opportunities to reflect on all the major content standards used in Minnesota’s ABE system and other important components of adult numeracy instruction.

Download - Word
Download - PDF

CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool

The CCRS Individualized Instruction Planning Tool is intended to help teachers in one-room school house or other individualized instruction settings plan and document standards-aligned experiences for all students. This document could be used as a teacher planning tool or as a tracking document in a student’s folder.

Download - Word
Download - PDF

Coherence in Our Classrooms

2015-2016 ABE Regionals, 2016 Summer Institute - Rebecca Strom, Abby Roza

Download - PowerPoint
Download - Coherence: Where Can I Learn More?

Reaching into Rigor

2015-2016 ABE Regionals; 2016 Summer Institute - Rebecca Strom, Nadine Holthaus, Amber Delliger; Andy Albee

Download - PowerPoint