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Citizenship Curricula and Teaching Resources

This curriculum will prepare adult learners to:

  • navigate the naturalization process
  • pass the English, Civics, reading and writing tests
  • be successful in the naturalization interview

This curriculum provides guidance for ABE/ESL teachers who are or will be instructing immigrant and refugee adults as they prepare to become naturalized United States citizens. The course materials are intended for use in a stand-alone citizenship preparation course, but may be used as a supplement to a regular ESL course. The curriculum is broken into three sections, each focusing on different knowledge adults must master to become citizens. Each section contains two or more Units. In each Unit, teachers will find an overview, detailing unit objectives and core resources, and a series of lessons that address those objectives.

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Citizenship Pull-Out Kit

In order to successfully prepare for and pass the citizenship class, learners need to practice a wide variety of skills, including conversational English, interviewing, the 100 civics questions, and reading and writing civics sentences. Many learners need more assistance than a teacher is able to provide in a citizenship class, especially in the last couple of months before their interview. The Citizenship Kit provides volunteer tutors with all of the materials that necessary to help learners prepare for all portions of the citizenship interview, as well as activity ideas to challenge learners and keep them engaged as they study one-on-one with a tutor.

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TAGS: teaching resources, classroom activities, teaching materials