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Content-Based Instruction

Designing Contextualized Instruction

The Designing Contextualized Instruction 2 hour online course by LINCS helps teachers understand contextualized instruction and its supporting research base and discover how to use the contextual model of instruction to develop Adult Career Pathways (ACP) courses, and how to identify and overcome common challenges in developing contextualized instruction. The course is self-paced and features three modules: (1) Understanding Contextualized Instruction; (2) Building Contextualized Lessons; and (3) Overcoming Development Challenges. A free LINCS account is necessary to enroll in the course.

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This website contains free downloadable handouts on a wide variety of ESL topics, including Business English, English for Tourism, and jobs and careers.

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LINCS ESL Pro Module 3: Preparing English Learners for Work and Career Pathways

This self-paced professional development module from LINCS provides the foundational concepts related to designing and implementing an adult ELA program contextualized for career pathways. This module contains four units which provide more detail on implementing various aspects of an effective contextualized program. Estimated completion time for each unit is 2-3 hours. A free LINCS account is necessary to enroll in the course.

Unit Topics are:

  • Key Concepts
  • Program Design: Issues and Options
  • Curriculum and Instruction
  • Evaluation and Assessment

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Preparing English Learners for Work and Career Pathways

Contextualizing instruction provides English learners with the specific English and technical skills they need to be successful. This suite of resources, which includes an issue brief, an interactive, self-paced, online module, and a practice-oriented companion resource, offers tools, practical ideas, and hands-on strategies for educators who help adult ELLs in preparing for work or training in career pathways.

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Reading Skills for Healthcare Workers

A free online Career Pathway literacy curriculum based on CNA and general healthcare content.

  • 175 selections for intermediate-level readers between 5.5 and 8.5 grade levels
  • Focus on academic and content vocabulary
  • Readability is measured by ATOS for College & Career Readiness alignment
  • All selections recorded in 3 speeds for fluency development 
  • Pre-reading questions and definitions of healthcare and high utility vocabulary
  • Post-reading text-dependent questions and two writing prompts

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Teaching Language Through Content: CAL Resource Guides Online

This Resource Guide provides links to publications, Web sites, teaching resources, and email discussion groups that offer information about teaching language through content-based instruction in K–12 and adult ESL programs and in foreign language programs.

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