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Digital Literacy

CTEP Digital Homeroom

This website is the product of collaborative work by Community Technology Empowerment Project (CTEP) service corps members. The site contains extensive vocabulary lists along with videos and interactive lessons on computer basics, Microsoft Word, email and internet at beginning, intermediate, and advanced levels.

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This grant-funded project by the Public Library Association creates an online hub for digital literacy support and training. The site is a collection of self-directed tutorials for users to increase their digital literacy. Modules are video-based with narration, 6 to 22 minutes long, written at the fourth grade reading level, and help learners practice skills like using a mouse and setting up passwords. Teachers can print off PDF copies of the narrations to supplement the videos.

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TAGS: website, computer skills, video, classroom resources, job skills, technology


The Technology Basics series provides information users need to better understand computers and how they work. Through videos, basic readings, and step-by-step instructions, users can learn about using web browsers, email, navigating Windows 10 and OS X, and staying safe online.

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TAGS: website, computer skills, video, classroom resources, job skills, technology, online learning

Learning Chocolate

This learner-based website contains lists of technology-based vocabulary words that learners can listen to, then check their understanding with matching, fill-in-the-blank, and dictation games.

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TAGS: website, computer skills, technology, online learning, computer vocabulary

LINCS ESL Pro Module 2: Integrating Digital Literacy into Adult English Language Instruction

The self-paced professional development module from LINCS is designed for teachers and administrators interested in integrating digital literacy in their classes and programs for adult English Language Learners. This module contains 4 units. Estimated completion time for each unit is 2-3 hours. A certificate can be earned for each unit upon completion of the unit activities. A free LINCS account is necessary to enroll in the course.

Units Included:

  • Digital Literacy in our Lives
  • Information and Communication Technologies for Language Learning
  • Digital Information Literacy
  • Problem Solving in Technology Rich Environments

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TAGS: professional development, computer skills