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Goal-Setting for Learning Management in Adult ESL Literacy

This blog post from Teach2LearnESL offers examples of goal-setting activities for literacy level learners. The post includes images of handouts and explanations of how they are used with learners.

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TAGS: low literacy, beginning ESL, emergent readers, classroom strategies

Goal-Setting Lesson Plans

The San Diego Continuing Education Program has created PDFs of a three-part goal-setting lesson for adult ESL students. The lessons and materials are appropriate for high-beginning to advanced level learners.

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TAGS: classroom activities, student-centered

Incorporating Goal-Setting in Adult ESL Classrooms

This PPT by Barbara Knox, Leslie Mladinich, and Liv Beck outlines goal-setting projects and their results in beginning level adult ESL classrooms. Images of handouts and descriptions of activities are provided.


TAGS: student-centered, classroom management, lesson planning, teaching strategies, beginning ESL

Learner Goal-Setting

Research shows adult students are motivated to learn when what they study is related to their individual goals and needs. According to Comings, Perella, and Soricone in their article, “Helping Adults Persist: Four Supports,” 1999, “Learners who have specific goals in mind are more likely to persist in their studies.” This article by Ronna Magy addresses the question, What can instructors do to help students set goals, monitor progress, and reach goals? with research-backed strategies and suggestions for practitioners.


TAGS: student-centered, classroom management, lesson planning, teaching strategies

Writing SMART Goals for English Learners

This blog post from Ellevation provides an overview of a webinar where participants learned how to transform the commonly used SMART goal-setting framework and make it directly applicable for EL educators. The full recording of the webinar is available using Adobe Connect (instructions for how to download are available when you click on the recording).

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TAGS: student-centered, teaching strategies