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Grammar in Context

ESL Teaching Methods: Teaching Grammar Creatively

This article from the Reach to Teach blog offers best practices for teaching grammar in an effective and engaging manner for learners of all ages.

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TAGS: article, teaching strategies, classroom management, student centered

New American Horizons: Adult ESL Teacher Training Videos

This collection of 12 teacher training videos were filmed in adult ESL classes and feature a variety of teaching strategies and activities. For teachers interested in learing more about multilevel instruction, the video "Teaching Grammar in Real-Life Contexts," featuring Suzanne McCurdy of Minneapolis, MN, demonstrates a contextualized approach to teaching grammar with an intermediate-level class.

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TAGS: teaching strategies, classroom activities, video

Teaching Grammar to Adult English Language Learners: Focus on Form

This brief from the Center for Applied Linguistics (CAL) provides a research-based rational as to why there is a need to teach grammar within a meaningful context. Teachers who struggle with questions of how much, when, and how to teach grammar will find this brief both informative and thought-provoking.

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TAGS: article, teaching strategies, classroom management, student centered, lesson planning

TEFL Online Tutorial: Teaching Grammar in Context

TEFL Online Tutorial: Teaching Grammar in Context

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TAGS: video, teaching strategies, classroom activities, student centered

Transforming Grammar Instruction: Moving from a Traditional Practice to a Functional Practice

Sheri Lear, and adult ESL teacher from Minneapolis, MN, outlines her approach to teaching functional grammar in this lesson plan. The plan provides teachers with an explanation of functional grammar as well as a concrete example of how it integrates grammar instruction into the overall context of the lesson.


TAGS: classroom activities, teaching strategies, student centered, lesson planning