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Writing in L2

Editing Checklist for Self- and Peer Editing

The website ReadWriteThink has a sample peer editing checklist that can be adapted for a variety of writing levels and focuses. It also contains suggestions for scaffolding peer editing with learners who are new to the process.

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Improving Adult Literacy: Developing Reading and Writing

This booklet presents an overview of what is known about how literacy develops, the component skills of reading and writing, and the practices that are effective for developing them. It also describes principles of reading and writing instruction that can guide those who design and administer programs or courses to improve adult literacy skills. Although this is not intended as a "how to" manual for instructors, teachers may also find the information in this booklet helpful as they consider how to plan instruction.

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Search the extensive classroom resources section of the ReadWriteThink website to find a wide variety of writing lesson plans and activities. All activites were written and reviewed by educators, and many align to standards-based teaching practices.

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ThoughtCo: Writing Skills

This website contains articles on English writing skills for a variety of purposes, including essays, formal and informal letter writing, resumes, business documents, that include examples and instructions. The articles can be printed for use in the classroom. The website also includes lesson plans for teachers to use as they teach writing skills.

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Writing Across Borders

Writing Across Borders is a 3-year documentary project funded by Oregon State University's Center for Writing and Learning and its Writing Intensive Curriculum Program. The documentary's purpose is to help faculty, writing assistants, and other professionals work more productively with international students in writing environments. The film's goal is to address some of the most significant challenges international students face when writing for American colleges and universities.

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