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Adult ESL Institute 2014

ESL14-Connecting the Dots

Heather Indelicato and Alison Shank

DOWNLOAD - EBW Picture Response

DOWNLOAD - EBW Text-Based Question

ESL14-Cracking The Code: English Reading De-mystified

Patsy Vinogradov, Kristin Perry, and Kristin Klas

DOWNLOAD - Cracking Code Handout

DOWNLOAD - Cracking the Code, May 2014 

ESL14-Enunciation Media Mill Videos

Suzanne McCurdy and Colleen Meyers

DOWNLOAD - Enunciation MediaMill Vidos

DOWNLOAD - Final Packet

DOWNLOAD - No Tech and High Tech Ways to Practice

ESL14-Making Sense of Difficult Reading Texts

Liz Andress and Carlynn Miller-Gore

DOWNLOAD - Handouts Packet


ESL14-Real-Life Computer Projects That Teach Transitions Skills

Jessica Jones


ESL14-Technology for Teaching Writing

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt and Heather Turngren

DOWNLOAD - Technology for Teaching Writing

DOWNLOAD - Technology Integration Project Planning Worksheet

DOWNLOAD - Technology Tool Analysis Sheet

ESL14-Transitions From the Get-Go!

Betsy Parrish and Lia Conklin Olson

DOWNLOAD - Transitions From the Get-Go! Final

DOWNLOAD - Transitions From the Get-Go! Activities

DOWNLOAD - Transitions from the Get-Go! Backgrounds

ESL14-Using Teaching Standards to Improve Teaching and Learning

Paul Enestvedt and Carlye Peterson

DOWNLOAD - SOEI ESL Institute Presentation