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Language & Literacy Institute 2016

LL16-A Flexible and Free Evidence-Based Resource

Terrisa Fisher and Heather Turngren


LL16-Academic Conversations for Schooling and Beyond

Susan Ranney

DOWNLOAD - Power point

LL16-Building Connections: Pronunciation for School and the Workplace

Andrea Echelberger and Suzanne McCurdy


DOWNLOAD - Building Connections

DOWNLOAD - Bibliography Building

LL16-CCRS Standards in Reading A Through E!

Kristine Kelly and Janet Sparks

DOWNLOAD - Reading A-E PowerPoint

LL16-CCRS Writing Standards: Getting Started and Moving Forward

Paula Freiermuth

DOWNLOAD - CCRS Writing Standards

DOWNLOAD - Handouts

DOWNLOAD - Rubrics

LL16-Cracking the Book on Literacy Programming

Liv Musel-Staloch

DOWNLOAD - Unit Weekly Overview

DOWNLOAD - Unit 5 States of Matter

DOWNLOAD - 1 Vocab-Paul Nations Vocab Quiz

DOWNLOAD - Paul Nations Vocab Quiz Answers

DOWNLOAD - Placement Guide to Mankato's EBRI-STAR Classes

DOWNLOAD - EBRI Course Description

DOWNLOAD - STAR Course Description

DOWNLOAD - Resources For Implementing Literacy Programming

LL16-Get It Right Off the BATT!

Marn Frank and Kristin Klas



DOWNLOAD - Power Point

LL16-Here We Go with ELA Literacy, Part 1 and 2

Burgen Young, Suzanne McCurdy, Lia Conklin Olson, and Melody Chalmers

DOWNLOAD - Building Connections Additional Activities

LL16-How Do I Know it's Good Enough? Evaluating Argument Writing for GED and Adult Diploma Learners

Heather Indelicato and Tammy Twiggs

DOWNLOAD - Evaluating Argument Writing.PPT

DOWNLOAD - Evaluating Argument Writing Presentation Handouts

DOWNLOAD - Evaluating Writing with CCRS Writing

DOWNLOAD - GED Rubric & Instructor Guide

DOWNLOAD - Adult Diploma Rubric & Instructor Guide

DOWNLOAD - Student Writing Exemplars

LL16-IEL Civics Funding: Moving English Language Learners to Next Steps in Life

Kellie McGowan and Panel



DOWNLOAD - IEL Civics Grant Presentation

LL16-Keeping It Real: Integrating Career-Focused Lessons

Stephanie Sommers and Panel


LL16-Look Who's Talking...Achieving the CCRS Speaking and Listening Standards

John Trerotola and Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

DOWNLOAD - Power Point

DOWNLOAD - Unit Plan Outline

DOWNLOAD - Unit Plan Outline Video

DOWNLOAD - Resources Handout

DOWNLOAD - My Country is Equador

DOWNLOAD - My Country Template

DOWNLOAD - How To Video Scoring Rubric

DOWNLOAD - Persuasive Presentation

DOWNLOAD - PPT Assignment

DOWNLOAD - Story Board for Teachers

DOWNLOAD - Think, Pair, Share

DOWNLOAD - Video Project Instructions

LL16-Preparing Beginning ELLs for Work and Civic Engagement

Kristin Perry and Jodi Versaw

DOWNLOAD - Preparing Beginning ELLs

DOWNLOAD - Preparing Beginning ELLs Power Point