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Language & Literacy Institute 2018

LL18-Academic Conversations

Nikki Carson and Mary Zamacona

Download - Academic Conversations PPT

Download - Academic Debate Guidelines

Download - Book Critique Discussion Group

Download - Debate Scoresheet

Download - Deliberation Notes

Download - Find Someone Who

Download - Say-Mean-Matter

Download - Word Wall Mingle Template

LL18-Argument Writing 2.0: The Saga continues

Adam Kuehnel

Download - Argument Writing PPT

LL18-College and Career Readiness Standards (CCRS) Foundations: ELA/Literacy

Burgen Young and Christine Wytaske

Download - CCRS ELA Foundations: Unit 1

Download - CCRS ELA Foundations: Unit 2

Download - CCRS ELA Foundations: Unit 3

Download - CCRS ELA Foundations: Unit 4

LL18-Don’t Let the Blue Book Scare You! CCRS at Low levels of ESL: Yes, We Can!

Dan Bruski, Mya Shaftel, Nicki Olalde, and Patsy Egan

Download - Don’t Let the Blue Book Scare You PPT

Download - Handout: Don’t Let the Blue Book Scare You

Download - Reading Foundational Skills (RFS) 1-4, K-5

Download - Text-Dependent Question Progression

Download - Beginning Text-Dependent Questions

DownloadActivity: Where Is My Shirt

Download - Routine Station Planning

Download - Shopping Assessment

Download - Vocabulary Review Warmup

LL18-Give 'em a Boost! Building Student Capacity to Access Challenging Content

Lia Conklin Olson and Marcie Vaiphei

Download - Give 'em a Boost PPT 

Download - Reading: Ecosystems
Download - Reading Guide: Ecosystems
Download - Evaluation Template: Ecosystems
Download - Reading: Olaudah Equiano
Download - Reading: Amazon Rain Forest
Download - Reading: George Washington 

Download - ELA Qualitative Analysis Rubric
Download - Give 'em a Boost Graphic Organizer
Download - Lesson Plan: Reading
Download - T-Chart & Venn Diagram

LL18-IET: Integrating Education and Training for Student Success

Julie Dincau

Download - Integrating Education & Training PPT

Download - WIOA Guidance for IET (with notes)

Download - WIOA Guidance for IET (blank chart)

Download - IET Checklist

LL18-Integrating Pronunciation into ESL Curriculum

Andrea Echelberger and Barb Murphy

Download - Pronunciation Research

Download - Pronunciation Activities

Download - Pronunciation Resources

LL18-Let's Talk Strategies! (Learning and Test-Taking, That Is)

Nikki Carson and Steve Parker

Download - Let's Talk Strategies PPT

Download - CASAS Library Reading

Download - Completing the Story

Download - In Other Words

LL18-Morpheme Matrices: A Word Assembly Approach

Marn Frank

Download - Morpheme Matrices PPT

Download - Morpheme Matrices handout

LL18-Routines and Strategies for Teaching Beginning to Intermediate ELL Writing

Diana Mulcahy and Mara Martinson

Download - Teaching ELL Writing PPT

LL18-Setting the Stage for Pronunciation Instruction

Andrea Echelberger

Download - Research-Driven Principles and Goals

Download - Pronunciation Terms

Download - Intonation

Download - Sentence Stress

Download - Syllable-Final Consonants

Download - Thought Groups

Download - Voice Quality Settings

Download - Word Stress

LL18-Shifting into CCRS Instruction

Burgen Young

Download - Shifting into CCRS Instruction PPT

LL18-Standards as Your Road Map: Where's Your Lesson Headed?

Liv Musel-Staloch

Download - Standards as Your Road Map PPT

Download - Blank Standards Alignment Table (PDF)

DownloadBlank Standards Alignment Table (Word)

LL18-Trauma and Learning: Strategies for Enhancing Adult Classroom Success

Rachel Johnson

Download - Trauma and Learning PPT

Download - Impacts of PTSD on Learning

LL18-Where Do We Start? Setting Beginning Learners on the Path to Digital Literacy

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

Download - Where Do We Start? PPT

Download - Where Do We Start? PPT (print-friendly)