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Support Services Conference 2011

SS11 - ABE Support Staff Orientation

Brad Hasskamp, MN Dept. of Education; Abbey Lang, independent Program and Resource Coordinator; Jamison Pals, South Suburban ABE; and Kimberly Johnson, ATLAS-Hamline University

Download - ABE Policy, Accountability and the NRS
Download - Assessment Summary
Download - Assessment Activity
Download - A Case Study in Program Processes & Procedures: The Life of a Student at South Suburban ABE

SS11 - Avoiding Program Improvment--And Surviving the Process If You End Up There

Theresa Luther-Dolan and Jo Seton, Hiawatha Valley ABE


SS11 - FastTRAC Participants: Who are they and what do they need from you?

Anne Marie Leland and Nola Speiser, MN Dept. of Employment & Economic Development (DEED)


SS11 - Is Your Program’s Assessment System Audit-Ready?

Jenny Schlukebier, St. Paul Public Schools ABE

Download - Presentation
Download - Test Exam aSsessment Test

SS11 - Keynote: State ABE Overview

Brad Hasskamp, MN Dept. of Education


SS11 - Organizing for Lower Stress and Higher Productivity

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Minnesota Literacy Council

Download - Presentation
Download - Taming Email Handout

SS11 - Success Through Change: A Look at Minneapolis Adult Ed's Enrollment Process

Katy Chiqui and Athena Eleftheriou, Minneapolis ABE

Download - Presentation
Download - Information Change Survey

SS11 - The Intersection of Welfare to Work and ABE

Jennifer Blanchard and Randy Rennich, MN Dept. of Human Services

Download - Presentation
Download - MFIP Documentation Standards
Download - MFIP Biweekly Student Hours Report

SS11 - The Top 5 Things Your Windows Computer Wished You Knew

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Minnesota Literacy Council


SS11 - There's a Potential Student at the Door: Now What?

Amy Brooks, Metro North ABE


SS11 - What the NRS?

Todd Wagner and Brad Hasskamp, MN Dept. of Education

Download - Presentation
Download - NRS Revisions Discussion
Download - NRS Revised Table Samples