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Transitions Conference 2010

T10 - Bridging the Gap: Work Readiness Credentials

Kristin Morris and Nola Speiser


T10 - Building Medical Career Pathways: Symptoms and Treatments

Tom Cytron-Hysom, Karen Gerdin, Mary Jo Gardner and Jen Vanek


T10 - Creative Job Search: Why We All Need to Self-Market

Mark Anthony Zappa

DOWNLOAD - Creative Job Search
DOWNLOAD - Self-Marketing Handout

T10 - Developing a Collaborative, Interagency Referral System for Adult Learners

Mag Patridge, Jerry Etesse, Paula Hoffman, Vicki Ostrom, Sally Welsh, Rebecca Perotti, Joan Danielson and Tai Jen Liu

DOWNLOAD - Developing Collaborative Referral
DOWNLOAD - EastCentral Referral Flowchart
DOWNLOAD - FastTRAC Alignment
DOWNLOAD - College Bound Handout

T10 - FastTRAC to Energy Careers: The Model and Lessons Learned

Karen Gerdin, Todd Fink, George Schooley and Gail O’Kane


T10 - Getting to Know Your MnSCU Institution

Gretchen Starks-Martin and Karen Hynick

DOWNLOAD - Getting to Know Your Your MnSCU Institution

T10 - I-SEEK Online Job Search

Shelia Cunningham McComb and Jacqueline Soucie


T10 - Keynote Address: Bridge Programs and Policy Change in Illinois

Jennifer Foster and Mary Kay Devine

DOWNLOAD - IL Bridge Programs and Policy
DOWNLOAD - IL Bridge Definition
DOWNLOAD - IL Logic Model
DOWNLOAD - IL Vision of Adult Education

T10 - MnROC and FastTRAC OID: Helpful Tools for Program Planning

Jane Xiong and Jacqueline Buck


T10 - New Digital World and Professional Development Roadmap to Find It

Jenifer Vanek, Tom Cytron-Hysom and Martha Hardy


T10 - Pathway to College Success: A Collaborative for Adult Learners

Beth Tamminen, Paula Young and Jody Greniger

DOWNLOAD - Overview
DOWNLOAD - Class Brochure
DOWNLOAD - Class Description

T10 - Pre-College Advising

David Miller


T10 - START FastTRAC Project

Sandy Evensen and Janeen “Bobbie” Kleffman


T10 - Succeeding in Online Courses

Theresa Luther-Dolan, Linda Kingston and Chuck Butler


T10 - Technology Skills to Grow On: Building Digital Literacy at Every Level

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt

DOWNLOAD - Technology Skills to Grow On
DOWNLOAD - Build a Computer Activity
DOWNLOAD - Exploring Computer Components
DOWNLOAD - File Hunt
DOWNLOAD - Find It On The Internet

T10 - Tools for Unlocking Challenging Texts

Julia Reimer

DOWNLOAD - Challenging Texts Handout
DOWNLOAD - Challenging Texts Tools
DOWNLOAD - Challenging Texts Worksheet

T10 - Transitioning and Retaining Pre-GED Adult L1 Learners into Adult Basic Education

Ruth Stevens, DJ Dahl and Tammy Twiggs


T10 - Transitioning Learners at All Levels: A Program Perspective

Kristine Halling

DOWNLOAD - Transitioning Learners at All Levels
DOWNLOAD - Action Planning
DOWNLOAD - Hubbs Data

T10 - Welcome and Opening Session

Barry Shaffer

DOWNLOAD - Opening Address