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Cool Interactive Wave Activities

The site has interactive applets and other activities to help visualize content in the area of waves and wave theory. There are also video clips of various concepts in wave theory.

Electronic Library for Minnesota

This is a collection of databases full of content-rich materials that could be used for science and social studies content or for student research. Of the collection, these four databases are recommended for adult education classrooms: Britannica School, Student Resources in Context, Science Reference Center, and MasterFile Premier.

Jefferson Lab

Based out of Newport News, VA, Jefferson Lab has a number of online resources for education in science. There are lessons, resources, online activities, games, etc., which incorporate digital literacy skills needed for the 2014 GED.

LearningExpress Library High School Equivalency Center

In the High School Equivalency Center of the LearningExpress Library, click on Prepare for the GED® Test to find a wealth of helpful information, including the Introduction to the 2014 GED® Test tutorial. This interactive tutorial offers you a comprehensive introduction to the new GED® test. You'll learn about the new test format, practice with the new question types, find out what is assessed on all four tests, and more. You will also find practice tests, tutorials and eBooks specific to the Reasoning through Language Arts, Mathematical Reasoning, Science, and Social Studies tests.

  • Resource type: Website
  • Recommended by: Beth Staats, Minitex, U of MN Libraries and ELM Electronic Library for Minnesota (email Beth)

ReadWorks has hundreds of standards-based lesson plans written and reviewed by educators using current research and the best instructional practices. There are many comprehension reading passages at various levels in the area of physical science. Find the perfect one for your classroom.

Science of Everyday Life

This is a website with various lesson plans and interactive online activities in different grade levels and areas of science. Lesson plans are easily downloaded and most include online activities or videos. Many at the higher grade levels (6-8 or 9-12) are collaborative and may work well in an ABE classroom. The website is supported by 3M and Discovery Education.

US Gov - Climate Literacy

How to teaching climate science to students. You can search by level (MS, HS, college) under each scientific principle and there's a lot of information, including digital resources (like videos on PBS learning media).