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ATLAS Presenter Resources

ATLAS Event Presenter Registration Form

Presenting at an ATLAS event?  Please fill out the ATLAS Event Presenter Registration Form >>


Effective Presentations

On the right under RELATED RESOURCES are the following presenter materials:

  • Presenter Handbook - Are you fairly new to presenting at ABE events? This short handbook designed just for you! This guide was created by a subgroup of the MN ABE Statewide Professional Development (PD) Committee.
  • Powerful & Effective Presentations: How to Avoid Death by PowerPoint - Created by Duren Thompson and Bill McNutt from the University of Tennessee-Knoxville, this guide is full of great tips for both new and experienced presenters.

Presenter Registration

The above ATLAS Event Presenter Registration Form serves as the registration form for all presenters; there is no registration fee for anyone presenting at an ATLAS event, and presenters do not need to complete the regular participant registration form.

Materials & Technology

Presenters should indicate on their Registration Form what kind of technology they need for their presentation. ATLAS will always provide a projector, flip chart paper, markers, and wifi access; presenters should plan to bring their own laptop (unless informed otherwise).

NOTE: Please make sure you download all your presentation materials, PowerPoints, etc. onto your laptop and/or a flash drive so that you don't have to rely on wireless internet to access them, in case there are unexpected connectivity issues at a particular venue.

Presenter Stipends

ATLAS is pleased to provide one of two options to presenters as a thank-you for sharing their expertise:

  • A presenter stipend (paid directly to the presenter), OR
  • A reimbursement for substitute teacher costs (paid to the presenter's program)

Stipends for 90- to 120-minute workshops at regional events generally follow these guidelines (co-presenters share the stipend):

  • Initial delivery of a commissioned 90- to 120-minute workshop - $300 for 1 presenter; $200/each for 2 presenters; $125/each for 3 presenters
  • Repeat delivery of commissioned 90- to 120-minute workshop OR facilitation of a panel presentation - $150 for 1 presenter; $100 each for 2 presenters; $75 each for 3 presenters

Stipends for longer workshops at full-day institutes generally follow these guidelines (for repeat delivery, stipends are half these amounts):

  • Initial delivery of a 6-hour workshop - $800 for 1 presenter; $500/each for 2 presenters; $300/each for 3 presenters
  • Initial delivery of a 3-hour workshop - $400 for 1 presenter; $250/each for 2 presenters; $175/each for 3 presenters
Visit the Payment & Reimbursement page to fill out the necessary payment forms.

Travel Expenses

If you are traveling more than 50 miles (one-way) to present, ATLAS is able to reimburse your travel expenses as follows:

  • Mileage: 100% at current federally approved rate
  • Hotel: up to $150 per night
  • Meals beyond what is served at the event are not reimbursable.

If a hotel block has been set aside for an event, you will find that information posted in the Calendar of Events; you are welcome to book a room at that hotel.  If no hotel block has been set aside, feel free to make arrangements wherever is convenient for you.

Visit the Payment & Reimbursement page to fill out the necessary payment forms.


ATLAS can cover the cost of the copies for your presentation if you are unable to make them at your program or on your own. Please note that to be eligible for reimbursement, these copies must be black-and-white, and multi-page documents must be double-sided.

You may choose one of two options:

  • Email the documents as PDF, WORD, or PPT attachments (no Google Docs or Google Drive lists) to Gail Rutan with detailed printing instructions for each document and a minimum number of 10 copies per pageAll copy requests must be received no later than 10 business days before the event.  (Sorry - no exceptions.) 
  • Have the copies made at a copy center and submit a receipt to Marisa Geisler for reimbursement.

Payment/Invoicing Process

In order to receive any type of payment from ATLAS, you must submit an invoice. The ATLAS invoice includes spaces where you can claim your mileage (Part A), hotel and/or photocopying expenses (Part B), and presenter stipend (Part C). Please note that valid receipts are required for both hotel and copying expenses.

To request sub pay reimbursement instead of a presenter stipend, simply have your program submit an invoice to ATLAS outlining the costs. (This invoice should be generated by your program, as the ATLAS invoice is intended for use by individuals, not organizations.)  You may still submit a personal invoice to claim travel and copying expenses.

Please submit your paperwork within two weeks of the event. The necessary forms, along with detailed instructions on the invoicing process, are found on the Payment & Reimbursement page.