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More Extensive Projects

Academic Debate Unit

Creator: Nikki Carson, Open Door Learning Center (Minnesota Literacy Council)

This project-based academic debate unit ends with a service field trip. Over several weeks, students effectively develop and refute arguments; analyze controversial issues; evaluate evidence; and recognize opportunities for leadership.

Here you can find lesson notes with TIF (Transitions Integration Framework) and CCR (College & Career Readiness) standard alignment and supplemental materials.

Targeted levelshigh intermediate ELLs through pre-GED students

Download - Debate Project Plan
Download - Conversation Strategies and Debating Quiz
Download - Debate Etiquette
Download - Debate Guidelines
Download - Debate Dictation

Contextualized Food Manager Certificate Unit

Creator: Heather Turngren, Minneapolis Adult Education

This contextualized curriculum is designed for students to learn content to obtain the state-issued food safety manager certificate. The course focuses on the areas of basic food safety, personal hygiene, cross-contamination & allergens, time and temperature, and cleaning and sanitation.  There is also management content in the areas of plans, procedures, and guidelines for food safety.  This curriculum will prepare students to take the national certification exam that is needed to receive a state-issued certificate.  The curriculum uses the core text ServSafe® Manager 6th Edition.

All of the materials for this unit have been organized in a Google Drive folder. By clicking on the link, you will have access to the folder. You will be able to view and print all of the documents after you make a copy of the folder. 

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Economics and Budget Creation

Creator: Stephanie Sommers, Minneapolis Adult Education

In this unit, students explore concepts and vocabulary that are important to the study of economics. Students think critically about wants versus needs and engage in exercises to help them prioritize spending and make financial decisions. Students also begin to learn about credit and how credit scores are determined. In the culminating activity for this unit, students track spending habits on a chart and use that information to create a personal or household budget. 

All of the supporting materials for this unit have been organized in a Google Drive folder. By clicking on the link, you will have access to the folder. You will be able to view and print all of the documents in the folder, but you will need to make a copy of any document that you wish to edit. This is to ensure that the original documents are not deleted or altered in any way.

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Memory Quilt Project

Creator: Colleen Crossley, Adult Academic Program-Robbinsdale

To begin the Quilt project, students first learned about the history of quilts in class. They reflected on their own cultures and how sewing is often a traditional social activity for women, during which both cultural and family stories are shared. Concurrently, students either read or listened to the book The Keeping Quilt by Patricia Polacco. Lower level students also read another book, The Quilt, by Ann Jonas. All students learned about the Jewish traditions depicted in The Keeping Quilt and how a quilt, passed down through the generations, became a means of conveying the traditions to younger generations. 

In related assignments, they created their own family trees and discussed how stories and traditions are passed down in their cultures. Students then wrote about a significant person or event they wanted to memorialize. The culminating event of the unit was the creation of related paper memory squares using heavy card stock and an assortment of fabric trims, buttons, photos, and other items provided by teachers. The completed paper squares were later printed onto photo fabric and made into a quilt. Students participated in the quilt design and layout, and the sewing was completed by a student from Peru who was a seamstress. The quilt also included some written memories of seniors from Covenant Village, a nearby senior living facility.

View - Memory Quilt Project Introductory Lesson
View - QUILTS: A Brief Summary

Our School Garden

Creator: Mary Zamacona, Open Door Learning Center (Minnesota Literacy Council)

This project-based unit of instruction ends with a culminating project: short student-created videos about a community garden they have tended all summer. Over several weeks, Mary led her "Jobs Class" of low-level adult ESL students through a process of writing, filming, editing, and showcasing their own videos about the garden. Each student identified several vegetables in the school garden at Arlington Hills Lutheran Church (St. Paul), described how to cook at least one vegetable, and shared why he/she thinks the garden is important. 

Here you can find extensive notes and materials for the unit, rubrics for assessment, and links to examples of final student videos. Alignment of this unit to the TIF and CCR standards is also included.

Download - Our School Garden - Template
Download - Assessment
Download - Rubric
Download - Student Evaluation of Presentation
Download - How to Cook
Download - Simple Story Board
Download - Vegetable List Template
Download - Video Group Roles
Download - How to Make an iMovie

View - School Vegetable Garden student video
View - School Garden Tour student video