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English Grammar 101, Second Edition

This free website has fifteen modules of multiple lessons (and reviews) on nouns, pronouns, verbs, sentence parts, adjectives/adverbs, prepositions, conjunctions/interjections, verbals/phrases, clauses, capitalization, punctuation, and troublesome words. For a fairly reasonable price, teachers can purchase full access to create assignments and track progress, and their students can take pre- and post-tests for each module.

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Grammar Bytes

Grammar Bytes is a great resource for use with pre-GED, GED, diploma, college-prep learners and advanced ELLs. It can be used in the classroom with groups, during individual sessions with volunteers, or to help students build grammar skills at home or in an open lab.

Some highlights include:

  • Terms: printable explanations of common grammar terms with phrase and sentence examples (and a few You Tube videos). 
  • Exercises and handouts: interactive grammar exercises with accompanying handouts for paper tracking or completion. 
  • Presentations: Printable handouts and PowerPoint slides that teachers can use to introduce common grammar terms. 
  • Tips and Rules: useful tips and rules for correcting sentence structure, usage, comma and apostrophe issues.

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Khan Academy - Parts of Speech

Khan Academy or KA is a FREE online learning platform used by students from around the world. Recently, Grammar was added as a topic under Arts & humanities. KA’s grammarians, David and Paige, present engaging and entertaining video tutorials and practice exercises on parts of speech: nouns, verbs, pronouns, modifiers, and prepositions. The lessons tend to use higher-level vocabulary words or examples; thus, they may be most appropriate for Adult Secondary students…and possibly appropriate for High Intermediate ABE and Advanced ESL.

Note: Because it’s so new, Distance Learning teachers in Minnesota cannot yet recommend it; however, their students’ grammar time will be counted and reported.

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