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Reading-Writing Connections

Getting Started, Moving Forward with the CCRS Writing Standards

These two handouts provide nine reading-writing tasks that incorporate close readings of informative or narrative texts and writing production of sentences, paragraphs, or essays. The first, Getting Started, Moving Forward, is based on trainings presented by Paula Freiermuth from Osseo Adult Education. The second, More From Achieve the Core, is based on a search of Student Writing Samples from the Achieve the Core website by Marn Frank, Literacy & STAR coordinator. Originally, they were published as a series of three articles in the ABE Connect newsletter during the spring of 2017.

Writing to Read

This 2010 research report builds upon Writing Next and provides evidence for the theory that writing can improve and enhance reading. Specifically, it asks and answers three questions:

1. Does writing about material students read enhance their reading comprehension?
2. Does teaching writing strengthen students’ reading skills?
3. Does increasing how much students write improve how well they read?