18 Complete Curricula are Available to YOU through the MPCC!

18 Complete Curricula are Available to YOU through the MPCC!

We are very excited to announce that MN ABE now has access to FREE curriculum materials from the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum! Minnesota ABE teachers can access courses through the Minnesota Literacy Council online training site. An enrollment key is required for access. Please contact Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt at swbrandt@mnliteracy.org to receive the key.

What is the Minnesota Partnership for Collaborative Curriculum (MPCC)?

The MPCC is a grassroots initiative among school districts to create comprehensive open digital curriculum for grades 3-12 in core content areas (math, English language arts, science, and social studies). Over 200 Minnesota school districts have committed funding for the inaugural phase of the initiative.

Through grant funding from the Minnesota Department of Education, the Minnesota Literacy Council was able to join the MPCC on behalf of Minnesota Adult Basic Education. All 44 ABE consortia are included in the agreement, giving ABE teachers around the state access to MPCC curriculum materials.

What does the MPCC do?

The MPCC uses funds from partner districts to train teachers to create open digital curriculum and pay them to create courses. Other teachers are paid a small stipend to review materials. After the courses undergo a thorough trial and revision process, they are ultimately released as open educational resources (OER), available to anyone. As of January 2016, 30 courses were completed or being piloted, with 10 more planned or in development. All courses are aligned to Minnesota educational standards and are designed to work on any device.

What does joining the MPCC give us access to?

Joining the MPCC gives MN ABE access to all courses the MPCC develops, before they are released as OER. MN ABE teachers may also apply to review or even write curriculum with the MPCC!

The Minnesota Literacy Council is already able to provide ABE teachers access to 18 MPCC courses on our online training site. Courses include high school content such as Economics and Chemistry, middle school content in math, social studies, and science, and elementary school content in English and social studies. More courses are in development and will be added as they become available.

These courses are for teachers to use as an educational resource, and are not for student enrollment. Any MN ABE teacher who would like to instruct students online can contact Susan to discuss options for setting up a course.

Learn more about the MPCC!

Susan Wetenkamp-Brandt, Educational Technology Manager Minnesota Literacy Council