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21st Century Skills Resources

The 21st Century Skills Resources from New World of Work offer a soft skills curriculum complete with lesson plans, PowerPoint presentations, and two video series. The curriculum is divided into modules that focus on 10 critical skill areas:

  • Adaptability (Open to Change)
  • Analysis/Solution Mindset (Problem Solver)
  • Collaboration (Team Player)
  • Communication (Good Communicator)
  • Digital Fluency (Good with Technology)
  • Empathy (Sensitive to Others’ Feelings)
  • Entrepreneurial Mindset (Go-Getter)
  • Resilience (Plans for Success and Bounces Back from Failure)
  • Self-Awareness (Self-Understanding)
  • Social Diversity/Awareness (Sensitive to Difference in Backgrounds and Beliefs)

The assessment video series that was created to be used with each module is a particularly useful component, as it can be challenging for instructors to assess soft skills. These videos set up a scenario in which a certain skill is needed in order for the best outcome to be achieved. Each scenario contains three possible options, and viewers must apply what they have learned in the preceding lessons in order to choose the best one. The scenarios would lend themselves very well to both large and small group discussion, or they could be used as prompts for writing activities.