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A New Opportunity: Using Standards to Enhance Speaking and Listening Instruction in ESL

2015 ESL Institute Keynote – Suzanne McCurdy and Janet Sparks

As a field, we are moving forward! The WIOA legislation in 2014 and other driving forces are pushing us toward even more rigor in adult ESL classrooms. Content standards help to define the complex set of skills our adult learners need to transition into college, career training, and deeper engagement with their communities. In Minnesota, the College & Career Readiness Standards (CCRS), along with the Transitions Integration Framework (TIF) and the Northstar Digital Literacy Standards, work to define the many skills we teach in ABE.

Wondering what it all means for an ESL teacher? This session grappled with how content standards help us to teach the vital speaking and listening skills our learners need; identified ways in which the CCRS Speaking and Listening standards and the TIF Effective Communication skills are already being addressed in ESL classrooms; and identified the ways we can use content standards to boost rigor in our classes and improve the oral language demanded of our learners in today’s world.

Download – PowerPoint Presentation
Download – Inventory of Listening & Speaking Skills