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Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) Bridge Course

Career Field:  Healthcare

Adult Career Pathway:  Certified Nursing Assistant

Type:  Bridge

Prepares Students for:  Entry into and success in a post-secondary CNA training course

Target Student Population:  4th grade reading level (TABE Reading 461)

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description:  Prepares students for the Nursing Assistant and Home Health Aide course at Saint Paul College; can also be used as support curriculum concurrent with their enrollment in the college course. Topics include: Introduction to Healthcare, Basic Human Needs, Communication, Clean Safe Environment, Vital Signs, Personal Care, Activity and Exercise, Food and Fluids, Elimination, Specials Needs, and Orientation to the Workplace. Students will receive an introduction to vocabulary and transitions skills designed to help them succeed in the CNA program and a CNA job.

Duration:  4 hours/day x 4 days/week x 5 weeks = 80 hours

Curriculum Materials:  Includes course objectives, scope and sequence and student syllabus and assessment strategies.  Instructional materials, drawn from other ABE CNA prep classes, are organized in Google folders by topic.

Curriculum Pluses:  Course-level documents are well organized and provide a useful “roadmap” for a new instructor.  Plentiful instructional materials on a range of course topics.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Materials have been compiled from other sources but not reviewed/modified or referenced in the scope and sequence.  Some topics lack adequate instructional materials.  An instructor will need to review and choose from materials provided, and will need to find or create materials lacking on certain topics.

Author:  Kris Klas, Hmong American Partnership, St. Paul, MN

Created:  2018


Yer Yang
Hmong American Partnership, St. Paul, MN