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ELL Toolbox: Words Their Way – Spelling

Although ELL Toolbox is a website built for teachers of English Language Learners (ELLs), the recommended spelling resource is appropriate for native English-speaking students. The author posts useful and applicable materials within the categories of: Sheltered English, Assessment, Lesson Planning, Classroom, Words Their Way, and Apps & Tech Tools.

The Words Their Way link provides an introduction to this developmental spelling program used in many K-12 and some ABE settings. Based on a spelling inventory, students work with level-appropriate word sorts to improve their knowledge of letter-sound-syllable patterns. The series of texts provide sequential word sorts for five spelling stages: emergent, letter-name-alphabetic, within word, syllables & affixes, and derivational relational. The author also describes her tried-and-true ideas for using the inventory, making and using the word sorts, and maintaining order. The Words Their Way reproducible texts can be purchased from Amazon.com; texts and digital access from Pearsonschool.com.