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Office Skills Preparation (Learner Web)

Career Field: Administrative

Adult Career Pathway: Office Worker (variety of settings)

Type: Learner Web plan (online); for use as independent distance learning or as an on-line component to a face-to-face Bridge course

Prepares Students for: Entry into first course of a career & technical college Customer Service Office Support Certificate program

Target Student Population: Not specified

Access Curriculum: You can see the learning plan at mndemo.learnerweb.org. Follow the instructions on the Demo site for getting a free account. To register students to use the Learner Web plan, your consortium must have a Learner Web site license. For information about obtaining a site license or to find out if your consortium has one, contact mnlearnerweb@gmail.com.

Course Description: Four units include:

  • career exploration – interest surveys, setting goals, mentoring
  • communication – interpersonal, phone, e-mail, memos, letters, confidentiality
  • professionalism – reliability, time management, organization
  • customer service

Duration: Approximately 10 hours of self-study

Curriculum Description: Each unit includes a variety of on-line articles and occasional videos. Includes a picture dictionary of office supplies and equipment. Each lesson ends with a short quiz to check comprehension/retention of information.

Curriculum Pluses: Best used to augment a face-to-face bridge class. Allows for independent study to reinforce course content. Resources teach concepts and assess learning. Builds skills for website navigation and independent online learning. Instructors may find some of the resources valuable for use in class as well.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Course overview and objectives are not provided for the learner. No guidance is provided on how to utilize or learn from the various print and video resources. Many readings are long, dense and high-level. Some websites are commercial and have distracting non-relevant content (ads, videos, etc.), and the source of information is unclear (versus websites created by industry/field experts). Navigation of Learner Web can be difficult for the independent learner until familiar with the platform.

Author: Saint Paul Community Literacy Consortium / AEOA Consortium

Published: 2012 (periodically updated)


Julia Tabbut
Minnesota Literacy Council
700 Raymond Avenue, Suite 180, St. Paul, MN 55114
651-645-2277 / mnlearnerweb@gmail.com