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Pre-Bridge Writing

Career Field:  General / Multi-Pathway

Adult Career Pathway:  General – Workplace English

Type:  On-ramp

Prepares Students for: passing the GED writing test; effective writing in the workplace and in postsecondary courses

Target Student Population: High intermediate – CASAS Reading 221-235

Access Curriculum:  View Materials

Course Description: Learners work with different genres of academic and workplace writing, applying writing standards throughout. These standards include: determining the purpose for a written communication; organizing and presenting written information in a way that serves the purpose; paying attention to the conventions of English language usage, including grammar, spelling, and sentence structure; and revising to enhance the effectiveness of written communication.  Learners develop strategies they can apply to anything they write. Part of the instructional content concerns the organization and content of various workplace documents.  It moves on to the five-paragraph essay.

Duration:  30 one-hour lessons per term, 2 terms = 60 instructional hours total

Curriculum Materials:  PDF document (686 pages) includes charts that lay out scope and sequence and all materials, plus detailed lesson plans and all learner and teacher materials.  Each term of 30 lessons includes three introductory lessons, five units with five lessons in each unit, and two concluding lessons, plus seven assessments: a pre and a post assessment and an assessment at the end of each of the five units.

Curriculum Pluses: Useful for any career pathway.  Integrates GED writing test prep and workplace communication.  All materials included.

Curriculum Drawbacks: Very prescribed lessons.  Some career-related lessons are specific to Oregon and would need to be modified.

Author:  Oregon Pathways for Adult Basic Skills

Created:  Unknown

Contact:  See current staff directory